Experiences – Apt 115

If it’s all about experiences, you’ve got to have places to go. And here’s our new place.

Apt 115 is a unique wine bar with a curated wine and charcuterie offerings. Small, quaint, and very unpretentious. Lots of interesting wines by the glass. But you have to ask for the big book — their wine bottle list– kept in the same Trapper notebook I had in 5th grade. They’ll open any bottle for you to have just a glass.

And their charcuterie board, prices for just 2 or more people is our new favorite. Especially the Mole Salami from Elevation Meats, Denver. The have a hand slicer that beautifully slices the meats.

But, the charm and special sauce of this place is the expert wine advice and unique choices like this Txakolina.