IMG_6526Although we’ve been away from this blog, we have not been away from eating and talking.  Talking with our friends about food and wine.  Talking with our waiter, talking with our chef– Talking.

So often, people don’t ask about what they’re eating and drinking.  What’s the story behind the dish, the pairing of wine, the decor, the choices made, the story of the chef.  Too many people show up, eat, leave.  They are missing the depth of the experience by not asking.  Not talking.  Time and time again, we find the person serving or creating for us ALWAYS willing to talk.

We think, too often, those providing the cuisine never get to take it further and share the passion behind the culinary choices that have been made.  It’s not just making a dish or pairing a wine– there’s thought, insight, and PASSION behind what they are serving.  They want to please with their art form.  We, as consumers, need to ask.  We are the audience they want to hear from.  Not complaints– interest.  Interest in getting the most out of the experience of dining.  That’s our credo– the experience of dining and the passion behind it.

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