Pieous or “Pious”— Righteous!

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Pious – 1. Devoutly religious; 2. Showing reverence and devotion for the divine
Pieous – a new pizza spot on Highway 290


For some time now, Pieous has found its way to the top 10 list on the front page of Urbanspoon.  Lucky for us, our hip friends were dining with us one evening when the word “Pieous” crept into the conversation.  They had good things to say about their “Pieous” experience, and quickly invited us to join them the following weekend for dinner at the Pieous.

We drove way south to Oak Hill and arrived around 7:00pm at our destination.

Our friends quickly ordered a plate of homemade pastrami, the “Pieous Plate,” accompanied by sourdough bread, pickles, onions and mustard. IMG_2016

I will be the first to admit that I have never been a huge pastrami fan – that was until I put the first bite of the Pieous variety in my mouth.  Melt in your mouth and so full of flavor – it would definitely give a slice of Texas brisket a run for its money. IMG_2020

We also enjoyed a plate of fresh mozzarella and arugula.  Simple, yet decadent.

The menu includes several specialty pizzas, along with a create-your-own offering from an extensive (and festive) list of ingredients.  They make a lot of their ingredients from scratch, including the dough and the mozzarella.   We sampled three of their “pre-determined” combos.


First, the Marguerita pizza – marinara, fresh mozzarella and basil.  A classic that did not disappoint.

Second, Italian Sausage – marinara, sausage and onions.  Delicious.



And finally, “the Bacon Bleu” – marinara, mozzarella, blue cheese, arugula and bacon marmalade.   Yes, you heard it right.  The minute I read bacon marmalade my brain said “order that one.”  This pizza was special – one of those moments when your entire being enjoys a moment of magic.  The combination of flavors played beautifully together.

We topped off the evening with a slice of their chocolate pecan pie, enjoyed at our friends home, and paired with a fabulous glass of red wine.

Although it is definitely a trek for us to take advantage of this new pizza establishment, I definitely see us visiting Pieous again.  If Pieous was closer to our home, we could become deeply “pious” towards their culinary offerings.  If you are a pizza lover, I encourage you to visit Pieous – and take the kids!
Pieous on Urbanspoon

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