BACON- nuff said…

During my two week stint at the courthouse, I had the opportunity to visit BACON with a few of my fellow jurors.  Located on !0th and Lamar, this cute little establishment has all the makings for a unique dining experience.

We approached from the backside of the restaurant.

Bacon Ext2

The décor of the building, both inside and out is fun and inviting.

Bacon Ext3

You can get your BACON fix breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Bacon door

The menu is packed with a variety of offerings – all of which include some form of pork.

Bacon Menu

Here are the pics from our meal.

I could not resist ordering the Hush Piggies.  What a clever name!  Pulled Pork formed into a ball, breaded and fried.  Served with the hosue BBQ sauce.  The piggies on their own were a little dry, but were rescued by the tasty BBQ sauce.

Hush Piggies

The Dublin Pulled Pork Sandy – slow cooked pork marinated in Dublin Dr. Pepper served on Texas Toast with pickles and red onions (which they kindly served on the side).  Oh, I almost forgot – the sandwich also included thick slices of bacon!

Pork Sandy

The BLT – A beautiful rendition of the classic sandwich, served with housemade chips – check out that bacon!

Chips and Sandy

Bacon Plate

We also sampled one of their mini pecan pies – very little “gooey” and chock full of nuts.  I nice bit to end our carnivore adventure.

Besides food, they also sell some pretty cool “swag”.

You can see a selection of their t-shirts here (My favorite is “Keep Calm and Sizzle On”.)


I can’t wait to take my sons to this place – they will have no trouble finding something enticing off of their menu!
Bacon on Urbanspoon

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