Zinc Bistro and Bar

Marc found a great little wine bar during one of his recent visits to San Antonio.  Since our hotel was so close, I had to stop in for a glass.  One of my colleagues that I have regularly dined with at TMEA happened to have plans for dinner, so we decided to meet for a drink afterwards at this wine bar that Marc recommended.  At first, we went to DRINK – right across the street from la Contessa.  When I asked for the wine list and the waitress pointed to the lovely selection of mini bottles of Yellow Tail, I knew we were in the wrong place.  Thank goodness the correct destination was just around the corner.

The place was packed on our arrival, but after a short wait we were able to get two chairs at the bar.  After scanning through a pretty extensive wine list, we picked out three possible reds, then asked for a recommendation.  The bartender did not hesitate to select the Montepulciano.


2010 La Piuma Montepulciano d’Ambruzzo

I am so lousy at describing what wines taste like, but I can tell you that I really enjoyed this Italian Red.  There was a lot going on – and it was surprisingly satisfying as a stand alone drink (we were all stuffed from dinner).

We later moved to a table and were joined by two more friends.  It was a relaxing way to share conversation and to wind down from a very busy day of travel convention activity.  Zinc is really tiny (compared to Vino Vino, our usual hang out in Austin).  The atmosphere was fine except for the occasional aroma of cigars from the porch outside.

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