Vino Vino – Paella Night

Some dear friends invited me to join them for paella at Vino Vino on the occasion of Marc’s departure from the country.  We’ve posted about the amazing paella in at least one previous entry, so I will stick to sharing the wine and dessert.

We enjoyed a lovely bottle of r a pfaffl  “the dot” austrian pepper, ’11, stetten, austria  
gruner veltliner – dry citrus with fruity aromas and a lovely dry spice and pepper on the finish

Wine 1

For dessert we ordered the only “sweet” on the menu that I had not tried yet – the Almond Corn Cake with Pink Peppercorn Ice Cream.

Vino Dessert 2

The ice cream was uniquely delicious (and pretty).  The corn cake was more of a cookie texture – a little dry to be labeled a “cake”.  It was also difficult to eat due to it’s hard texture.  I suggested they might go for a corn cookie ice cream sandwich – now that would be fun!




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