Gotta Love the Quiche

One of my oldest cookbooks, The Way to Cook by Julia Child , provides my “go to” quiche recipe.  I LOVE this recipe for one simple reason.  It is soooo easy to make.


First, poke holes with a fork on the boom of your crust and prebake the crust for approx. 10 mins.  Next, decide on the add-ins.  My traditional is Bacon and Cheese – cooked and crumbled bacon sprinkled on the bottom of the pie crust, along with your favorite cheese.  Then add the egg/milk mixture.  All I have to remember is one egg plus milk should equal ½ cup.  Regardless of the size of your crust (I use store bought, since this recipe is meant to be simple), just keep making the egg mixture and adding it to the crust until the crust is full.  On top, you can add some paprika for color, and a few leaves of basil strategically placed to look pretty in the middle of the pie.


Other add-in combos I’ve tried:

* breakfast sausage (pre-cooked) and cheddar cheese (We call this “Chicken” pie)

* ham and cheese (perfect for the leftovers from holiday hams


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