A Monumental Meal

– Bookending a wonderful concert of choral music from the Renaissance Period performed by the SU Chorale.

When in Georgetown, eat at the Monument Café.  Don’t give it a second thought…or do give it a second thought…

We ate there twice this past Saturday night – Dinner before a choir concert at Southwestern University; Dessert afterwards with our son – who would never forgive us if we did not offer to take him to the Monument while we were in town.

I definitely have my “go to” meal at Monument, one of those rare occasions when I make the decision to eat a little “healthier”, but don’t sacrifice flavor and pleasure in my dining experience.

First, fresh biscuits.  Did I say “healthy”?  OK, this is a little splurge.  You only need one, hot and fluffy with just a touch of butter.  Oops!  I forgot to take a picture before we dived in.  Even the crumbs look tasty.

Next, the Dinner Salad (mixed greens, strawberries and candied pecans).  Try the maple vinaigrette.

At many places this salad would be delicious enough for dessert, but not at Monument Café.  Save room for dessert.

It is always difficult to choose a dessert at Monument.  The two “regular” features are divine – the Monument Chocolate Pie and the Coconut Cream Pie.  They also feature a Fried Pie of the Day (I’ve been known to sneak one of these home to enjoy with my late night cup of tea).  The Daily Specials are always tempting as well.  My son chose the Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake (served with vanilla ice cream).

So which one did I choose this time?

Can you say Coconut Cream Pie?  If you look at the photo you can tell that I took my first bite before I remembered to snap a photo.

Oh well…

This is where my vocabulary fails me.  “Yum” comes to mind.  “Yummy to my tummy”.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  It is one of those rare desserts that perfectly satisfies you (especially when the weather is warmer like it has been the past week here in Austin), yet doesn’t make you feel like you are carrying a “food baby” (I learned that term from my boys.  It is a cute term for felling “stuffed.”).

What dessert makes your mouth water?

Monument Cafe

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  1. Cindy says:

    Monument Cafe is always a must-stop for Eric and me whenever we’re out Georgetown way … sometimes, we even make a special trip! The biscuits are impossible to resist, and my go-to meal, dare I say, is the liver and onions. It’s not very healthy, but oh so old fashioned and good! I try to make up for it by choosing healthy sides, and I almost always get one of their delicious, fresh dinner salads.

    You and think alike when it comes to desserts. It’s almost impossible to choose between the Monument Chocolate Pie and the Coconut Cream Pie. But you know what this menu is missing? A good, old-fashioned buttermilk chess pie (aka icebox pie, depending on what part of the South you’re from). Hyde Park used to have a very good one but I don’t think they do any more. Luckily, I have a great recipe and it’s easy to make!

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