Where will you find us on Wednesday for dinner? At ZUZU on North Mopac.

This spot is a no-brainer for our family – everyone likes the food AND they always have ESPN on the TV (not so exciting now that baseball season is over).  We often run into folks we know and of course, our Hill Dillo friends.

We all have our favorites, starting with the FREE Queso on Wednesday nights.

Our youngest is a chicken quesadilla fan.  Our oldest likes to try different things, including the flautas and burritos.  Marc has taken to the taco salad.  My favorite is the Cilantro Chile Chicken plate with Charro beans and Roasted potatoes.

Check it out!

They also have a beautiful salsa bar, stocked with all kinds of garnishes to add to your plate.

Other recommendations from the menu:

* mole enchiladas

* chicken tacos with CORN tortillas

Have you eaten at Zuzu?  If so, what is your favorite dish?
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