New Recipes!!

I’m always on the look for new recipes that meet the following criteria:

* appeals to the teenage boy (aka – meat is the main ingredient)
* takes less than an hour to prepare – perfect for a school night home cooked meal
* a majority of the ingredients are those that I regularly keep on hand
* includes at least one fresh “veggie” – bonus points if that veggie is one that comes in our FARMHOUSE DELIVERY bushel
* uses cuts of meat that can be found at HEB – especially those that do not have a “next day” expiration date

Here are TWO new recipes that we tried this week.  Both were tasty, and fit most of the criteria listed above.  Not “oh my goodness” amazing, but definitely better than fast food take out.  I did not take pictures of either because the pics on the recipe links are much better than I could produce.

1.  30 minute Mongolian Beef from the website Just a Taste

This recipe uses flank steak.  I purchased the tenderized flank steak from HEB and it worked well.

Ben gave this “two thumbs up” – Nick was not happy that he did not make it back to the wok before Ben picked up his second helping.  No leftovers.  This is a keeper.  Especially easy if you have a rice cooker – I could not without mine!  I still own my original rice cooker – the first appliance purchased for my first apartment when I got my first teaching job 27 years ago.  Pretty amazing!

2.  Pork Ramen Soup from the REAL SIMPLE website

* I have found several good recipes on this website.

This was a very simple recipe – right at 30 minutes.  I especially appreciated that all of the cooking took place in one pan.  One pan and one cutting board did the trick.

Super easy clean up!

You can control the salt in this recipe by using the Low Sodium Chicken Broth.  HEB has a deal right now – by a carton of broth, get a free serving of Chicken Noodle Soup.  I purchased thinly slice boneless pork chops – very reasonably priced and provided the perfect “meat” experience.  All of the veggies (except the scallions) are added at the end, so picky eaters can choose what they wish to add to the dish.

*Unfortunately I have not gotten feedback from either of the boys on this one.  My guess is that it would be favorable.

What recipe is next on my list?

3. from the website – Coconut Chicken Salad

Where do you go to find new recipes for those weeknight meals?




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