More FARMHOUSE Delivery Goodness! – Part 1

So many good things come from purchasing fresh veggies and fruit through FARMHOUSE Delivery.  To start, you get to call yourself a “Locavore.”  Doesn’t that sound cool?  Here’s a fine list straight from one of their recent emails:

Top 5 Reasons to Be a Locavore:

  • every dollar you spend on local produce keeps a local family farm in business
  • local food has fewer “food miles,” is handled by fewer people and is miles fresher — you can taste and feel the difference!
  • eating fresh, seasonal, local food is healthier–vegetables retain more vitamins and minerals, and meats, eggs, and dairy are humanely raised, grass-fed, higher in omega 3’s, and antibiotic and hormone free
  • buying local supports the local economy by keeping your food dollars here eating local and knowing your farmer allows you to have “roots” and to connect more deeply with your community

But wait – there is another great benefit from getting produce delivered to your door.  Letting someone else “select” your bushel of produce challenges you to try new foods.  This can require some research, and of, course, new recipes.  Right up my alley!

Two new recipes made it to our table recently.  The first was inspired by fresh Purple Hulled Peas.  This is what they look like pre-shelled.

They arrived already shelled, so they were really not purple at all.

Similar to black-eyed peas, both are in the cowpea family.  Therefore, I decided to prepare them just like the fresh black-eyed peas we received a few weeks earlier.

Just a basic recipe:

* Cook some chopped bacon in a pot.  Add diced onion and minced garlic and sauté in the bacon fat.  Add the beans and some chicken stock.  Cook for about an hour or so.  That’s it.  If you wanted to make more of a meal out of it, you could add ham and rice (more like Hoppin’ John – lots of recipes online for this Southern classic).  My apologies for the less than stellar photo.

Part 2 – Butternut Squash.

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