Pig Roast!!!


On the occasion of their 6th Anniversary, Vino Vino roasted not one, not two…but four pigs for a festive evening of culinary delight last Monday. We arrived and were immediately handed glasses of bubbles which set off the festive atmosphere. It truly was a fun room! And it was a Monday. Paula Rester and the “rest-of” her crew know how to throw a party! We were one of the first to sit at a reserved table. And soon after we did, the other tables filled up quickly, each waiting with breathless anticipation of the entrance of the pigs.

We knew a grand entrance, or a “meet-your-meat” event, would happen. The way they present their Paella on Sunday nights begins the same way: enter early, sip something, and applaud as the HUGE Paella dishes enter the room, coating the air with an aroma of Spain, so good your tongue begins to lisp as if you’re overwhelmed to speak Castilian Spanish Spontaneously…(say that three times with a lisp).

And, indeed, the Pork has entered the dining hall:

Such a spectacle, people (myself included) jumped up and started taking pictures. OH– The “Pigarazzi”

Michael recommended two wines to pair with the pig- A German White or a Beaujolais. We were in a red mood, so the Kermit Lynch imported 2010 Beaujolais it was. EXCELLENT paring. Wine Tip– Paula tells us anything Kermit Lynch imports is great. Notice the extra label he adds.

And then…the Plate of Pig. (this picture doesn’t do justice to the yumminess of the dish)

Wonderful variety of meat from different parts of the pork. Juicy, tender, melt in your mouth! The “a jus” is beautifully seasoned served with carrots, brussels sprouts, and roasted potatoes. Each of these vegetables soaked up the “a jus” and gave it their own take on flavoring this dish which brought out a full spectrum of flavor unimagined for a plate of pig. The potatoes helped keep the saltiness in check, the brussels sprouts were fresh and surprisingly my favorite (and I usually don’t choose brussels sprouts). Surprising observation- if you presented this dish without the “meet-your-meat” event, we would have thought you were serving turkey…good turkey, even smoked turkey (my favorite). Flavor, juicy…..I’m drooling again….

And of course, we can’t resist the goat cheesecake….BEST CHEESECAKE IN TOWN.

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