September 7, 2012

A recent dinner adventure with friends found us curious to try something new.  After a little internet searching we decided to take our taste buds to Fabi & Rosi.

Located on the west side of town off of Lake Austin Blvd., this small restaurant  describes it’s menu as “Classic European dishes with a young and modern twist”.  Housed in the old dwelling of ZOOT, the ambience speaks similarly – clean and quaint.

We started with the CHEESE BOARD – a great combo of 4 distinct cheeses:

sottocenere  / manchego / brazos valley blue & brie – served with a sweet and spicy pepper jelly.  The brazos blue was a stand out, and I highly recommend the sottocenere, with its hint of truffle.  We were first introduced to this unique cheese by an Antonelli’s cheesemonger, closely followed by its appearance on the menu at Vino Vino.

Everyone at the table selected a different second course.   All of them received good marks.  The SEAFOOD SALAD proved the most interesting – almost like a ceviche.

TAGESSUPPE flavor of the day vegetarian soup – tomato basil

ARUGULA SALAD overnight tomato / shaved parmesan

GREEN BEENS lemon oil / red onion / pork cracklings

SEAFOOD SALAD fried calamari / pulpo / squid / clams

For the entrée course, both gentlemen selected the WAGYU STEAK, served with a peppercorn demi sauce and fries seasoned with truffle salt.  The beef was cooked to perfection, and although very tasty, the fries were a tad over salted.

Another dish, The REDFISH, presented itself beautifully, perfectly brown and crisp on top, stacked on potato “scales” and a light cucumber crème fraiche.

I could not resist ordering the SCHNITZEL + SPATZLE, which turned out to be comfort food personified – a delicate breaded pork cutlet served with heavenly spatzle and a rich wild mushroom sauce.

But wait!  There’s more – dessert!  Our server suggested two selections for the table.

With four big spoons, we dug into a BELGIAN CHOCOLATE MOUSSE  and a YOGURT PANNA COTTA .

As simple as the dishes appeared,  the flavors and textures of both provided a grand finale to a lovely dinner.  (I should note that our desserts were “comped” as a “thank you” for alerting the kitchen about the slightly over seasoned fries.)

 Not sure what this stuff is.  We think it’s a special salt.  Very cool.

We are overjoyed to have another fine dining establishment to add to our “favorites” list.  As you have read, the food was delicious and beautifully presented.  Excellent service also prevailed, from the timing of the courses to the assistance in selecting a bottle of wine.  Although there were folks waiting in the wings, we were never rushed, in fact, we were encouraged to take our time, which provided for great conversation with some dear friends.

hecht / minervoise / france – Wonderful wine- French terroir with a great spice.  Beautiful dance partner with all the food.  Also, since most of their bottles are “by-the-glass” wines, we could sample several before taking the plunge.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Debra Erck says:

    Pictures look great. LOve you – Deb

  2. Anita Edwards says:

    Love this place. What great choices you had. The salt is pink Mediterranean solar dried sea salt. I have not found a good form of it in the markets. We purchase it from Premier Labs. People’s Pharmacy often has it also. Keep blogging!

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