Farmhouse Breakfast


D – If you’ve been following our blog, you’ve read about FARMHOUSE DELIVERY (here’s the link, just in case).

Recently they have been offering weekly specials – a combination of 3-4 products from locally sourced providers at a special discount.  Here is the package we added to our regular veggie/fruit delivery:

*6 pack of handmade Amity bakery English muffins

*2 jars of Confituras jam – we selected tomato confit (can’t wait to try this!) and media noche (a blueberry/blackberry jam with a touch of anise)

* half dozen Rainlily Farm eggs – they look like pastel colored Easter eggs J

I just can’t express how cool it is to eat locally-sourced foods.  It feels like we are supporting friends that live right next door!

Do you have a favorite locally grown or produced food item?  Please share what is is and where you get your hands on it!

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