Calico Amarillo Home-Style-O


On our return trip to Austin from Colorado, we once again stopped in Amarillo for the night.  A special friend from college recommended we try Calico Country for dinner for some good homestyle cooking.  The menu is extensive and includes several home cookin’ favorites.

The meal started with a bread basket, which included two types of rolls.  Yes, you are looking at cinnamon rolls in this picture.  Not the usual pre-dinner carb, but too hard to resist!  Yum!!

Here are the entrees we ordered – many of them come with a “lite” (aka smaller portion) option.

Nick and Ben both ordered Chicken Fried options – Nick got the sandwich version pictured here:

Marc had the Hawaiian Ham Steak with green beans and carrots

I ordered the pot roast with potatoes and pinto beans (my all-time favorite “bean”).  No, I did not finish all the food on my plate.  Turns out they accidentally gave me a REGULAR portion instead of the “lite”.

Everyone at the table agreed that the food was good; nothing earth shattering, just good, old home-style cookin’.  Now we have not one, but TWO new spots to eat when we are traveling through Amarillo – yeah!!

PS – See our earlier post for our Mexican food excursion in the “Helium Capital of the World”.
Calico County Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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