Summer Cleaning

D – As I was doing a little “De-Clutter 101” around the house, I paused in front of my bookshelf of cookbooks a little too long.  Giada’s Kitchen jumped out at me and said “Make something delicious for dinner tonight!”   Two nights later, we have discovered two fabulous, new entrees that will be definitely joining the rotation of family favorites.

No, I did not take pictures (sorry).  Perhaps next time they grace our table.

Here are the links, however, to the recipes online at FOOD NETWORK.

Balsamic BBQ Chicken – super easy!  Sauce would be delicious with pork or beef as well.  Served with a salad and new potatoes (with a blue cheese butter – see the Austin Hope Wine entry for more details).

Prosciutto Lamb Burgers – Another simple recipe.  I found ground lamb and prosciutto at the Far West HEB.  (the packaged COLUMBUS brand prosciutto actually worked great – they smaller, uniform slices made for easier assembly).

Serving with the slice of fresh tomato and basil is a must!

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