Cooking at Home – Week of July 16, 2012

D – Our vacation to Colorado was wonderful, but it is good to be back in Austin.  Here is a sampling of our “at home” dining this week.

OK, I confess.  We did not fix dinner Monday night.  We arrived home around 3:00pm, cleaned up, and walked right back out the door to head off to Nick’s SPOTLIGHT ON OPERA concert at Whole Foods.   We only had a little over an hour, and the WINK Wine Bar is just minutes from Whole Foods, so we made a pit stop for Happy Hour.  Sorry I don’t have a picture, but I can highly recommend the BRIE BURGER SLIDERS with a lovely glass of Riesling.

Special Note—If you are free next Saturday afternoon (July 28) at 2:00pm, Nick will be singing again – and we will be there!  Come join us.  Here is a link to all of the upcoming performances:

On to Tuesday– Our first official night at home called for a family favorite – the Famous Tamale Casserole.  This dish never fails to please the tummy – a delicious combination of cornbread, chicken, red sauce and cheese.  Here is the link to the recipe from Cooking Light ( ) .  The only change we made to the original recipe was to omit the green chilies.

Wednesday — I pulled out the crockpot and tossed in a couple of medium sized pieces of boneless pork shoulder with a can of root beer.  Seven hours later, I took the pork out of the pot, drained the liquid, shredded the pork, then returned half of it to the pot.  I then added BBQ Sauce (Sweet Baby Rays) to the pot.  The other half of the pork I seasoned and served with some delectable mole sauce that I had saved in my freezer from our New Year’s Eve dinner.  So now we have pork 2-ways!

Here is a picture of my mole taco (with tomatoes, lettuce, lime and Cana de Oveja cheese (from Antonelli’s –

** Note: A BIG recommendation to try the MISSION brand Artisan Corn and Whole Wheat Blend tortillas.  They are available at HEB and complement the pork perfectly.

Thursday I made Baked Meatballs with a simple homemade tomato sauce.   It was served with a bowl of mixed pasta – trying to use up some of the extra misc. pasta in our pantry.

Friday we enjoyed another one of our favorite family meals – Thai Beef and Chiles and Basil over Coconut Rice.  This recipe comes from the Martha Stewart archives:

Thai Beef and Chiles and Basil over Coconut Rice

It is so easy to make!  I have made it both with/without the fish sauce  – didn’t notice much of a difference, so now we make it without, since fish sauce is not an ingredient that I usually stock in my fridge.  Just add some extra soy or teriyaki if you need a little more sauce).  The red chiles are not always available at HEB, so I just use jalapeno.  I also serve with Thai red chili sauce.  You can add as much heat as you want that way J.

There’s more to come – stay tuned for our Saturday Austin Hope Wine Tasting Dinner!!

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