Grand BBQ in Grand Lake

D – after a refreshing morning hike and afternoon drive in Rocky Mountain National Park, we decided to make a trek to Grand Lake, on the opposite side of the park.  After a few stops to view some big horn sheep and Lake Irene, we headed to the Sagebrush BBQ and Grill.  We discovered this spot last summer and were excited for a return visit.

The boys both ordered the BBQ sampler
D- I decided on the “special” – slices of smoked pork loin served with a raspberry sauce and two sides. The pork was so flavorful, although I preferred it with the other BBQ sauce offerings versus the raspberry sauce (especially the mustard version that I am sure Marc will mention below). Loved the baked beans and baked sweet potato – served with a side of brown sugar:)
M- The Elk Sausage Hogie—Okay, we did take a few pictures of some beautiful Elk in RMNP, but this sausage was “to die for” (bah dum dum). Thank you, I’m here all week—try the Elk! But try it with this sauce from Heaven- a mustard, rosemary Carolina-style bbq- perfect paring. Speaking of perfect pairing- not wine here, but a pint of Fat Tire. WOW!

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