“I Love You a Bushel & a Peck”

FARMHOUSE DELIVERY- www.farmhousedelivery.com

D – Just over a year ago, I started attending regular bootcamp classes at X-TRAIN (http://www.x-trainfit.com) .  I could go on and on about the awesome trainers there ( a big SHOUT OUT to Barron and Jeremy) and how they convinced me to keep up with an exercise routine for the first time in my life (better late than never).  Along with precise instructions on how to exercise correctly and more efficiently, they also believe in nutrition education and healthy eating habits.

Wouldn’t you know?  Just a few weeks after making adjustments in our food choices at home, I came across a Groupon for FarmHouse Delivery.  It seemed like a perfect opportunity to challenge our family to eat more fresh produce and to support local farmers.  I recommend that you take a look at their website for all the details, but here are the basics of how it works.

Every two weeks we get a delivery, or “bushel” of fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables.  It arrives on our doorstep on our specified delivery day (which happens to be Thursday for our zip code).  Here is a picture of what was included in our most recent box:

The week prior to your delivery they send you an email with a “prediction” of what they anticipate will be included in your bushel.  At this point you can also go to their website and order additional produce or prepared food offerings from local food artisans.  Our two favorite additions to our delivery are the CONFITURAS preserves (http://www.confituras.net/ ) and the SLOUGH DOUGH BREAD Ciabatta and pizza crusts.  You can read a very interesting story about this Houston based bakery on this blog: http://janetschoice.blogspot.com/2012/04/breaking-bread-with-slow-dough-bread-co.html

ALERT!!- This just in!  Literally!!  Farmhouse Delivery is offering a special offer. New members can get $30 off their first delivery.  Promo code: FANDF .

So, tonight we will enjoy grilled corn-on-the-cob, caprese salad and a nice fruit salad, including the lovely peaches pictured.

QUESTION:  In the picture above you will see we received a small (approx. 6” round) winter squash varietal.  Besides roasting/baking, does anyone out there have a good recipe for using this veggie in the summer?

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