Anniversary Dinner

JUNE 17, 2012

D – Our 23rd Anniversary seemed like a good date to begin – especially after the wonderful time we had at VINO VINO ( ) this evening.  Plenty of “sipping” and “swirling” going on here!  We’ve also ordered several items off of the menu during previous visits – all have been delicious.  Perhaps an upcoming entry will share some of our favorites.  Tonight we started with a fabulous glass of Lambrusco and some Thomasville Tome cheese, served with a tomato-orange marmalade and basil.  We decided on VINO VINO  for our anniversary dinner because we found out that they serve paella and sangria on Sunday nights.  As you can see in the picture, it is presented family style right at the bar.

M- Two HUGE paella pans make a grand entrance (two people required for each).  One sea food, one meat.  Both amazing.  Rich, flavorful, hearty, but not too spicy.  The chef certainly knows how to create flavors with acumen.  I’ve never been to Spain, and this dish didn’t taste American, but from a place I really want to visit….and eat….and sip.  The sangria Vino Vino serves is refreshing and a perfect match for the hearty paella.  Some nice wine with fresh fruit, and orange liquor, giving it a smooth, fresh tart appeal with a classy contour.

After finishing just a half order each, we continued to sip and let our insides enjoy this tasty delight.  But, we also wanted to celebrate with VV’s goat cheese cake.  Beyond words how smooth, creamy, luscious this cheese cake is.  Paired beautifully with a moscato…half glass…just enough classy sweet to balance and cut the rich cheesy.

Vino Vino on Urbanspoon

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